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Background Ronald William Pelton, a former intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency. Ronald Pelton was born in 1942; he later attended Indiana University. After college, Mr. Pelton decided to join the United States Air Force, within the Air Force, he was placed into the signal intelligence Division in Pakistan. After serving his time in the Air Force, in 1965 Ronald started in career as an intelligence analyst within the National Security Agency. Pelton resigned his position in the National Security Agency in 1979 - ("Master spies,"). Court Records show that Ronald Filed for bankruptcy in April 1979. Nine months later on January 14, 1980, Ronald contacted the Soviet Embassy. Pelton had a top secret security clearance, which enabled him to gain information related to signal intelligence. With this Intel Ronald Pelton was able to provide valuable data to the Soviet Embassy. - (Faulkner, 1985) he contacted the Soviet embassy in Washington, DC, He convinced the diplomat that he worked for the U.S. Government, so they agreed to meet with him at the Embassy. Due to tapping the Phone call and surveillance of the embassy, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) anticipated the meeting, but was not able to identify the caller in time. Ronald meet with Yurchenko an officer of the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB) formally known as the secret Soviet Police. - ("The free dictionary,") due to his photographic memory Ronald shared a detail report of his activity within the United States. The information Ronald gave Yurchenko, was that the U.S., was monitoring the Soviet underwater communication. The United States was using submarines in the sea of Okhotsk to spy on the Soviet communication. Yurchenko in 1985 disclosed t... ... middle of paper ... ...6) following the Trial in the District Court for the District of Maryland question whether the district court gathered legit evidence on Ronald Pelton due to Electronic Surveillance conducted pursuant to the Foreign Intelligence Act.-("Ronald w. pelton,," 1987) the petitioner Ronald William Pelton was convicted of committing espionage and attempted espionage, due to this conviction Ronald received concurrent life sentencing on the espionage and conspiracy counts and a concurrent ten year sentence on the unauthorized- disclosure count.("Ronald w. pelton,," 1987) Conclusion Ronald William Pelton, Sold Secret Information About the NSA to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. In doing this act of Espionage Mr. Pelton was caught and sent to Prison for three concurrent sentences and one ten year sentence for the act of Espionage and conspiracy toward the United States.

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