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Ellison was on March 1 ,1914, in Oklahoma City.
As a boy in grammar school, Ellison struggled beneath the weight of his powerful literary name which puzzled him because he knew nothing about poet's or poetry (Lutz 3).
The four years Ellison spent at the all black Douglass High School from 1929 to 1933 were busy ones. In order to help with household expenses, he held a number of odd jobs which included mowing lawns, hawking newspapers, working as an elevator operator, or shining shoes and jerking sodas at the Randolph's Drug Store (Lutz 3).
During his teenage years Ellison developed a serious interest in music both as a trumpet player and as a composer/conductor. Oklahoma City offered access to both Formal, and Classical training and to Jazz, which was a major element of the city night life (Werner 3).
As graduation grew near, Ellison's desire to become a renaissance man drew surprisingly close, one would be hard pressed to fully grasp the length, depth and breath of his education (Werner 3).
Throughout his high school years he never lost his love for reading (Andrea N. Williams 1)
Though he was only three when his father died, Ellison could remember a few things about Lewis such as being taught to dance by him at age two he cold do the Eagle Rock and the Black Bottom, popular dances at that time among African Americans. He also remembered a song taught to him by his father which contained the phrase I'm dark brown chocolate to the bone (Lutz 3).
Randolph held a part time job working as custodian in the law library of the Oklahoma state capitol, and young Ellison often accompanied him and worked alongside him as he swept and cleaned. Ellison would recall white legislators coming into the law library and questioning Randolph ...

... middle of paper ... studies. for the next few years, his main source of income came from teaching and from speaking engagements(Lutz 3).
In 1955, Ellison received word that he had been awarded Prix de Rome fellowships from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, which meant he and fanny would live in Rome for two years.(Lutz 3).
For this novel, Ellison received numerous awards the Russwurm Award, the Certificate of Award, and the coveted National Book Award(Lutz 3).
Ellison's most profound achievement, his synthesis of modernist aesthetics, American romanticism, and African American folk culture, embodies the aspirations of democratic pluralists such as wait Whitman, mark twain, and Langston Hughes (Lutz 3).

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