Biography of Martha Graham

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Biography of Martha Graham Martha Graham was known as the mother of American dance. She was born on May 11, 1894 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. At fourteen she moved with her family to California and began dancing. The first dance recital she saw was in Los Angeles, California by choreographer and dance pioneer, Ruth St. Denis. When Graham was twenty-two years old she joined the Denishawn school and dance troupe. The school of Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn had a great impact on Graham’s idea of dance. Graham used different dance traditions in her works to create a Neo-classical dance style. She believed that “movement originated in the tension of a contracted muscle and continued in the flow of energy released from the body as the muscle relaxed.” Graham’s dancers appeared to look rigid and it was not popular at first. However, the style started a new trend in the dance industry. Eventually Graham’s audience got used to the style being used in the performances. Her first masterpiece was Primitive Mysteries. This got attention around the world, because...

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