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Malcolm X was one of the fiercest leaders the African American people have seen to this day. Born as Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm X lived in a world of disrespect towards the racial group he identified with, that being African and Black Americans. Throughout the autobiography, written with the help of Alex Haley, the reader gets to see into the personal growth of Malcolm X. Malcolm transforms within himself and his own personal understanding of who he is and how that affects the general world around him.
To begin, Malcolm X was targeted specifically due to this racial identity. After Malcolm’s mother Louise is placed into a mental hospital by the state welfare agency, Malcolm and his siblings are split into foster care homes. Malcolm, in 137, moves into a white foster family called the Swerlins. This was Malcolm’s first experience with the struggle of his identity. He describes the feeling of confusion, being that he doesn’t understand his ranking with the family. He feels like he belongs but doesn’t. Malcolm attends he Mason Junior High, which was a predominantly white school. Malcolm didn’t feel as though he belonged which led to the sense of feeling uncomfortable in his environment. He encounters much hate due to the color of his skin. Malcolm was called a “nigger” so much that he thought it was morally correct or his given name. The hardest thing for Malcolm growing up in that environment was the comment made by his teacher Mr.Ostrowski. When Mr.Ostrowski asks young Malcolm what he wants to be when he grows up, Malcolm responds immediately saying “I want to be a lawyer”. Instead of supporting as teachers are normally supposed to, Malcolm finds that he is an idiot for believing that. Mr.Ostrowski explains to ...

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...lot of a faith and applies that to his life. He is taught that the first humans were black and although this leads to his later “prejudice” over whites, we see that Malcolm is finally accepting his racial identity.
Malcolm X, also known as Malcolm Little, had overcome many obstacles within his own life and within himself. Readers see Malcolm struggling with who he is, rejecting who he is, and later accepting himself full on. Malcolm was not given the proper environment to understand, wherever he went he only received negativity. However, in the jail, Malcolm was able to expand his thoughts and offer room for self-reflection, which later led to his conversion to become Muslim. Malcolm X had a lot of personal growth throughout his autobiography, aside from his mass movements in the public; Malcolm had moved mountains within him and realized who Malcolm X truly is.
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