Biography of Johann Gregor Mendel

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Johann Gregor Mendel was born on July 22, 1822 in Hyncice, Czechoslovakia. His father wasn’t the richest of all the people and his grandfather grew his interest in gardening. A priest taught Mendel but then he was admitted in an Institute of Philosophy in Olmutz. He couldn’t afford it so in 1843 he quit on what he was going to study and went back to the monastery in Brunn. Mendel believed that he would stay learning at the monastery, because he thought it was the best place for him. He was then later put in charge of the garden at the monastery. In 1847, he became a priest. After about four years, he went to University of Vienna where he studied chemistry, botany, and physics. After completing his studies, he came back to the monetary; he was given the position as a teacher of natural science at the Technical School at Brno. When Gregor was younger, his name was Johann, and he changed his name to Gregor when he became a priest. He was born to peasant farmers in Czech Republic. The area is where the borders of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic come together. The town of Hyncice has both sides of a stream that curves its way through the rolling countryside. The house he lived in, and many others back then and today, had two stories with a slate roof. Most of the people would live in the urban areas, and then they would go to work the farms in the rural areas. When Gregor was born he was an only son and had four sisters in a 102 family populated city. Throughout Gregor’s life, he worked with his father a lot in the orchards and that’s how Gregor started to get into the topic, nature. He learned and started to love growing plants and gardening, which brought him into starting scientific research. He st... ... middle of paper ... ...en at his age and in his time, Gregor found security and happiness at the monastery. When he was twenty-five, he was ordained a priest. He then went to the University of Vienna to study mathematics and science before going back to the monastery. What he did at the University was, ministering dying people at the hospital, but for Gregor, it became to stressful, so he then was given the assignment to teaching and research. In 1851, he left his assignment, teaching and research, because he wanted to start studying to become a teacher. The bad news is that he apparently flunked the teachers exam to be become a teacher. So, he returned to the monastery, became a teacher there, and ended up teaching math and natural science. Works Cited

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