Biography of J.R.R. Tolkien

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“Not all that glitters is gold, not all who wander are lost…”, this is my favorite quote from my favorite author, the great J.R.R. Tolkien. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was a bestselling author, professor of Old and Middle English at Oxford, and an incredibly skilled linguist. He was determined, steadfast, and a firm defender of his artistic integrity. J.R.R. Tolkien was an inspirational Englishman because he created a modern mythology, sparking the creation of a new genre of modern fiction.
Tolkien’s childhood and studies had a large impact on his later life. Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa on January 3, 1892. Tolkien lived in South Africa until the death of his father in February of 1896. His time there would influence his later writings. An encounter with a large Baboon Spider at the age of three, would inspire future characters in his writings (Doughan). After that he moved back to England with his mother and younger brother. Living in the West Midlands, Tolkien often moved between the urban blight of Birmingham and the idyllic countryside of Worcestershire. The harsh contrast between these two extremes, would be reflected in later works. After the death of his mother in 1904, Tolkien lived with a Catholic priest, Father Francis Morgan. At the age of 16, while still under the care of Father Morgan, Tolkien met his future wife, three years his senior, Edith Bratt. However, Father Morgan prohibited Tolkien from having any sort of relationship with her while under his care. Tolkien attended Exeter College and later Oxford University, graduating in the summer of 1915 with a degree in English Language and Literature. Upon graduation Tolkien joined the army. His experiences while fighting in the trenches of France woul...

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...rld fascinated me. Tolkien inspired my love of reading. Tolkien’s work is one of the greatest modern epics. His epic recalls the great tales of Homer, and the mighty stanzas of Beowulf. Without Bilbo Baggins there would be no Harry Potter. They remind us of what heroes are, and what stuff legends are made off.

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