Biography of Henry II, King of England

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Henry II was born in 1133, and died at 56 years old, in 1189. When he was only 2 years old, his grandfather Henry I, appointed his cousin Stephen to the throne, instead of Matilda, who would be rightfully eligible to the throne. Matilda was not found suitable, firstly because of her gender (in a sexist society), and secondly because she was married to a rival of the Norms, Geoffrey of Anjou. Born in Anjou, to Geoffrey of Anjou, (Plantagenet), the most powerful Duque of Central France, and Matilda (daughter of the King of England), Henry was also known as Plantagenet, since his father Geoffrey, got the nickname because he liked to sport a sprig on his helmet; coining the Plantagenet surname of one of England's greatest dynasties, which ruled to the end of the medieval era. Add here more about Henry II parents and also about his wife's parents. Henry's inherited a large amount of land. From his father side, his inheritance comprised of the Counties of Anjou and Maine; and from his mother's side, he received the Duchy of Normandy and his claim to the Kingdom of England. In addition to that, after marrying the heiress Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry also had Aquitaine and Poitou under his rule. On the death of his cousin, King Stephen, in 1154, Henry came to the English throne at the age of 21 in accordance with the terms of the Treaty of Wallingford, which came to end the 19 years of anarchy which England has gone through. Hobbies, Lifestyle and accomplishments as King Henry spent so much time in the saddle that his legs became bowed. Henry's voice was reported to have been harsh and cracked, he did not care for magnificent clothing and was never still. The new King was intelligent and had acquired an immense knowledge... ... middle of paper ... ...Richard coronation, she was set free, and became the regente of England when Richard left for the 3rd Cruzade (1189-1192). Eleanor died in 1204. Conclusion: Henry II could have been remembered as one the greatest rulers of his times, except for the death of his childhood friend, Thomas Becket, archbishop of England, which he was suspected of some type of participation in the murder. After 20 years of marriage, Eleanor plotted against Henry. Henry put her under house arrest. His sons tried to overthrow him, hungry for power they were. Once again the English throne was at a merce of a family flight. Henry, was defeated to Richard, his son (land and power to son), and pay homeage to the French King Phillip August. Died of blood poisoned. Shame, shame on a conquered King.
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