Biography of Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway was a man looked at as one of America’s greatest 20th century authors. His novels and short-stories lead him to being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. He is known for his very publicized, adventurous life and his masculine public persona. His writing is seen as a bridge which connects the old world and new world Together, Victorian and modern and life and death. Hemingway wrote about things he knew about, leaving him to have a personal effect in his reading.
Ernest Hemingway was born in July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois(which back then was known as Cicero). His parents Grace and Dr.Clarence Hemingway were very strict and religious but taught him how to enjoy nature. Having knowing how to have fun in nature when the Hemingways had went to vacation in their northern michigan home the one year old Ernest Hemingway had no fear exploring the surroundings. When enjoying nature he would run around with a stick in his mouth which then he fell leaving the stick to pole through his throat. This wouldn't be the last time Hemingway would get a serious injury. His father gave him an inspiration to Hemingway's writing, such as the Agassiz Club in Oak Park,Illinois. The club taught children about nature and Christianity, teaching them how God is more powerful than all and he creates everything. Also the club showed how war was made from humans, not nature. That humans should be feared and nature to be loved, these ideas of people not being perfect are shown in his books and stories.
When Ernest Hemingway was in school it was already noticed of how much of reading and writing he had an interest in. He would read from different varieties of writing leading to him writing in the school newspaper. When Hemingway...

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...experiences in his book The Sun Also Rises. Excitement soon came to him when his short stories in our time became published, soon proving to the world that he was not like other writers that he had his own style. His style would be simple, he wants the reader to feel as if they are there using basic grammar, “open” endings not informing directly what is happening and word choice to make up for his unique style. Taking from what Gertrude Stein told him “that the writer should not tell too much; the reader uses imagination and logic” (Pingelton). COmparing the idea to an iceberg saying that writing that gave away too much would be boring and not as powerful. His type of writing was liked making him famous which he loved, he loved the popularity and meeting new people in Paris. People admired the strength, war stories, knowledge of literature and honest style he had.
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