Biography of Darcy Ateman and His Work in Africa

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Can you think about a person who is a music producer and great pacificist as well. As we know, music producer But, there is man named Darcy Ataman, who makes song for Africa, for people who are in disasters.
Before Darcy went to Africa, he already paid close attention to the phenomenon in Africa, and decided to speak for the local people who are in trouble, like property, diseases. Later, he wrote songs to let everyone in the world to listen what unfairness is happening on the other side in the world. However, Darcy thought it did not work well and really wanted to do it more efficient. Then, he want to Africa to felt how local people live and what they want, especially in Congo. He continued to build up a company named make music matter to make special songs for Africa people. And this company works for typical four things: raping, public health care, and development and education.
Raping is called sexual assault also, it is a action that against people’s (women) willing and force the people violently to have sex. It hurts women physiologically and mentally seriously. In every country, raping is regarded as a anomic criminal offence. In Congo, raping happens everywhere and take places in everywomen no matter you are a youth or old woman. First, talking about it without humanism, but disease. We all know a lot of diseases are spread by sexual, they could cause death, seriously. Woman is not a toy for man to have fun ! How can men hurts women so much? It can be seen chronic murder. There is no doubt that some women who are raped died with perennial torment by disease. Second, raping destroy women spiritually. A people lives under fear long time would cause the man lose normal human thoughts and actions. To be simple, wom...

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... for the army instead of studying at school because of the ignoring of government for the education. Those kids are hurt mentally, they face so much blood. Youth take on the future of a nation. If kids are not educated well, how a country can grow. Without education, people loss knowledge, thinking, and ethics, and then, humanism goes away.
As a humanism company, Make Music Matter does some activities to help these hopeless people and make their life better. For example, the most important thing is it make music for the people and let them sing their thought to make themselves feel better. Although it can not change the phenomenon totally, the company gives people confidence to live and gives them the sense of identity. Everyone is human being and important in the world. Like this company, people should build up a equal society and make a improvement of morality.
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