Biography of Business Man Jeff Bezos

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This final paper discusses a business leader who has developed incredible traits in the area of leadership. The leader in this particular business has shown time after time that his leadership skills have proven anything short of success. is the leading e-commerce companies out there in the worldwide market today. Amazon was established and founded by savvy business man Jeff Bezos in ’95. One of his achievements was in obtaining an honor degree, Bachelor of Science in Engineering in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University in 1986. Successively graduating from Princeton Jeff, had various occupations such as with Wall Street, International Trade a company called Fitel and last but not least, Banker Trust where he became the vice president due to his remarkable computer and Finance skills. Furthermore, was set in motion when Jeff decided to drive cross country from New York City to Seattle Washington, it was during this road trip that Jeff Bezos, put his business plan together for online bookstore. Bezos attended the Student Science Training Program at the University of In 82’; Bezos won an award given by the Miami Harold called the Silver Knight Award, an award that recognizes students for their good grades and being able to apply their skills that are unique to help local schools and communities. Bezos views on leadership in business w...

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...plays courage and confidence in his vision and ideas. Jeff Bezos ability to always make sure his company current
As well as his fascinating ability to change industries is what paves the way for Amazon to have future success.

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