Biography of Benito Mussolini

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Benito Mussolini is known correctly as Italy’s most famous dictator. He went from a normal Italian citizen to the leader of a country. Mussolini was a person who was manipulated and manipulated others. There were choices that could have possibly kept Italy out of the war that were ignored. He could also be known as one of Hitler’s most famous of his thousands of puppets. Mussolini became one of these puppets when he founded fascism. Mussolini was born on July 29, 1883, in Italy. Originally, Mussolini was a journalist but he later joined the Italian army. He served from 1905-1906. After having served his time, he entered the Italian parliament as a right-wing member. He was drafted back into the army in the September of 1915. As Italy got over World War I’s expenses, the government didn’t seem to be trying to help the people. This outraged Mussolini, who had already gotten a group of followers. Together, they took over the national transportation system. Benito Mussolini gained power in Italy in 1922. Once he had power, he put on a demonstration with his followers, which got him invited by the king to form a new government. With this encouragement, he created a fascist, anti-democratic government in Italy. Once he had the power, he invested a lot of money on his army. By now, a dictator would have usually been overruled. However, Mussolini used his skill in propaganda to make opposition to him very small. Then, he presented himself as the only man capable of restoring order as his own Black Shirts tore up the country. Benito Mussolini openly dreamed of building Italy into an extraordinary empire similar to Rome. During World War II, the dictator made a last-minute alliance with Germany. Because of this, Italy became Germany’s m... ... middle of paper ... ...ed forces. He used these forces to continue in the war. Before he could cause any more damage, he was captured by his own people and put in jail until his trial. In the end, Mussolini’s rescue had been futile because he was just caught and killed by his own citizens. Mussolini’s death was the last piece of outside news that Hitler heard from the outside world. Benito Mussolini’s ousting brought civil war to Italy. Italy was known as the soft underside of Europe by the Allies. With Italy being one of Germany’s main allies, the weak link was very close to the strongest. Although the Italians won battles, they were quickly overthrown. This was not unfathomable because most of Italy’s citizens no longer agreed with Mussolini’s ways. Though he was generally a bad person, Benito Mussolini was a memorable dictator because of his delusional ways and his drive to be better.