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Avril Lavigne is one of the best female singer-songwriters to break through in the 20th century. At such a young age of seventeen, she was able to accomplish her dream as becoming a famous singer. Avril Lavigne has been a big influence to the world of rock music as we know it today, specifically in the female area. Although Avril Lavigne wanted to pursue a career in the country world, she ended up sounding mostly pop rock and pop punk to help her break out faster. My artist, Avril Lavigne, plays pop rock and pop punk that is rooted in both pop and punk. On, it states that Avril Lavigne was born in Belleville, Ontario but spent most of her childhood growing up in Napanee, Ontario. She began singing at a young age, mostly at church, but was spotted for her talent after entering a Shania Twain contest, with which she ended up performing with. As a teenager, she learned to play guitar and began to write her own music. She signed with Arista Records to follow her dream as becoming a famous singer and dropped out of high school to achieve it. She started out in the country genre, but progressively moved toward a punk-pop sound. Although in the past decade she has began to move to more mainstream pop music, she has brought her very punk-rock image with her which makes her different from most other artists in the pop genre. Avril Lavigne has a very unique style for her generation. Although I believe she would be rebellious and say that she isn’t any of the punk type stereotypes and more just pop rock, I imagine the rest of the world would consider her completely pop punk. For me, it is really hard to label her in just one category because she has changed quite a bit in the past decade. I would say that she started her c... ... middle of paper ... ...ass instrumentation. In conclusion, I think Avril Lavigne is strongly rooted in both punk and pop music. She resembles the punk like image of the Ramones, and depending on what song you are listening to, she could sound like the Beatles or The Rolling Stones. She has continued to impress the world of music by changing from more punk sounds to more pop rock sounds. Although there is much controversy on what style of music she actually is considered, I think it is great for her to be as diverse as possible in this generation. She has great influences to look up to such as the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Ramones. I believe her rebellious attitude and pop like sound will continue to contribute to her success within the next decade. I admire her sincere determination to stick to her rock roots and to make sure that rock does not fall off the face of the Earth.

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