Biography of Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, had a very exciting yet unfortunate life. Understanding Lincolns life may help you to understand why Lincoln was who he was. Perhaps Lincolns hard childhood lead him to his career. What's most interesting about Lincoln is how poor he was as a child and how much success he had as an adult.
About 200 years ago Abraham Lincoln was born in a little log cabin in Kentucky. When he was just a baby his father, Tom Lincoln, ended up moving them to Indiana (“Abraham” para. 3). Leaving Kentucky and going to Indiana, Lincoln lived in a one roomed cabin with no flooring and little furniture (“Abraham” para.3). At age nine Abe’s mother died. After his mother’s death Abe’s father was known to be abusive (Abraham para. 5). Tom Lincoln, went into town to find a new wife. He left his children at home not caring about them (Abraham para.6). After a year and a half Tom came back home with a new wife. Abe was so happy to see them he buried his face in his new mothers skirt (“Abraham” para. 7). Sarah Bush Johnston was the name of Abraham's new mother. She made household improvements such as a new floor, a new door, and new windows (“Abraham” para. 8). Abe’s new mom, Sarah, thought education was important, but schools were very uncommon in those days. So when a school opened up close to them, Sarah had them walk 2-3 hours to walk to school (“Abraham” para. 4). Family life for Lincoln was good once his new mom came (“Abraham” para. 2). In his teen years, Abraham was a very tall and strong man. In those days you had to give all of your earnings to your father. Abe did not like that so he moved to New Salem Illinois at the age of 22 (“Abraham” para. 2). In 1851 Lincoln's father died....

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.... They praised him and thought of him as a military mastermind. Many think of him as the guy who engineered the Union victory (Freedman 5). Lincoln used his speeches to talk about how terrible slavery is and how manual work is honorable (“American” para. 2).
Abraham Lincoln was an amazing man that accomplished many things for the U.S. Its hard to believe that Abraham Lincoln a little poor boy from Kentucky ended up being our 16th President. Abraham Lincoln is the most astonishing men I have ever heard of.

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