Biography Of Westley Allan Dodd

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In 1989 Westley Allan Dodd was hanged to death for sexually assaulting and heinously murdering three defenseless children; all boys aged 11, 10, and 4. The details and events from his shocking diaries portray horrific accounts of the murders he committed and those he planned to enact had he not been finally brought to justice by one of his potential victims. Dodd was born in Washington State, July 3rd 1981. He had two older brothers and often described his home as loveless. His parents divorced when he was 15 years old (Newton, M n.d.). “Dodd stated his dad criticized a lot of what he did and that he could never live up to his expectations.” (Branch, Bryan, Giovenco, Nichols, Yeatts, n.d.). At 13 it is believed that Dodd began abusing children. He would expose his self from an upstairs window or bike around the neighborhood and expose his self to children. Dodd never claimed to be sexually abused but he wasn’t educated about sex. “Westley’s father, Jim Dodd, told The Oregonian that he acknowledged his son’s sexual deviancy with “father-son chats,” but mostly avoided talking about it, despite Westley’s increasing arrests and warnings. The eldest of three kids, Westley was otherwise well behaved. “He never did drugs, he never drank, he never smoke” said the elder Dodd.” (Scott, S n.d.). Dodd’s exposing abnormalities began to escalate to molesting around the time his parents divorced. Dodd would put his self in positions of trust with children. He often would baby sit the neighborhood boys; he also became a camp consular and would play games with children, later to trick them into performing some type of sexual activity. It is believed that Dodd molested or abused as many as 50 young boys with ages ranging from two to twelve year... ... middle of paper ... ... from now on I would be a little more forceful. I would no longer accept no as an answer to my requests.” (Dodd, W.A., Steinhorst, L. 1994). While in Seattle, Dodd realized children were less likely to turn him in out of embarrassment. At this time Dodd was still attending counseling sessions for his pedophilic urges. Here his attacks turned more brutal as he started to fanaticize about killing his victims. Later in his book he stated, “The more I thought about it, the more exciting the idea of murder sounded. I planned many ways to kill a boy. Then I started thinking of torture, castration, and even cannibalism.” (Dodd, W.A., Steinhorst, L. 1994). Dodd’s intelligence allowed him to manipulate the justice system and stay out of jail. He had become a killer in his mind; a sexual sadist that was stimulated by his thoughts and fantasies of murdering his next victims.
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