Biography Of Ray Bradbury

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Ray Bradbury started writing at a young age. When he first started writing, he wrote poems and short stories. His writing from there progressed into books and started publishing them. His childhood and his experiences had a big influence on his stories. Ray Bradbury is a well known science fiction author and wrote many well known stories about his experiences in life; many critics said his books were relevatory.(
Ray Bradbury was born on August 22, 1920. He was born in Waukegan Illinois. His mothers name was Esther and his father was Leonard. From the years 1926 until 1933 his family moved back and forth from Waukegan too Tucson,Arizona. When he was eleven Ray began writing his own stories. During the Great Depression he wrote on butcher paper. His family then moved to California in 1934. Rays family lived in Tucson, Arizona, in the years 1926-1927 and also in 1932–1933 they eventually stayed in Los Angeles in 1934 when he was fourteen.(
His family lived about four blocks from the Uptown Theater on Western Avenue in Los Angeles. That is the theater for MGM and Fox. He skated there and all over town. Bradbury was a big reader and writer when he was a kid. One of Bradbury's earliest influences was Edgar Allan Poe. When he was almost twelve he began writing scary stories and said he tried to write like Edgar Allen Poe for almost eight years. He read a lot of comic books and different genre books. When he was young he listened to the radio show Chandu the Magician.(
When he was growing up he spent much time in the Carnegie. He read books from many authors but he said his favorites were H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. When he was in his later teens he read st...

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... scripts for Alfred Hitchcock Presents he also wrote one episode of The Twilight Zone and made sixty-five episodes of The Ray Bradbury Theater.(
Ray Bradbury's writing was more about fiction than it was science. What he wrote about the most was humans, machines or robots, and the problems that he thinks the human race will face later on in life. He wanted readers to think of his books and stories as just fiction not science fiction. He was one of the greatest writers of all time in most peoples opinion. He was one of the most creative writers and inspired many new authors to write science fictions books. If it wasn't for Ray Bradbury I think science fiction books wouldn't be the same, he made people want to read his books more every time he came out with a new book. His books are really good books and I encourage people to read them if they haven't
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