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I’m sure everyone knows who Martha Stewart is. Most people don’t even know what her occupation is, they just know the name Martha Stewart. Im also sure if you mention her name to different people you’ll get many different reactions. Stewart has a polarizing personality that is for sure. Martha is very bold with her perfectionism. We all know Martha from her cooking and house decorating shows. From when her company rose overnight in the New York Stock Exchange to make her company a billion-dollar company. Then of course from her fall from when she was convicted of insider trading in 2004. However, Martha’s commitment to educate about business and the art of fine living to others is very impressive. Martha Stewarts book The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build, or Manage a Business was started wile Martha serving her sentence at Alderson, the federal prison camp in West Virginia. “There, amidst a thousand or so women, were hundreds of young, middle-aged, and older women who had dreams of starting a business when they were released. Many of them came to me to express their passion, their hopes, and their ideas. They were like the myriad people who write to me with their ideas, seeking guidance, advice, and a road map to a successful business.” (Stewart xi) I believe that these women reminded Martha of the countless fans that looked for guidance from her on how to get a business of their own off the ground. Martha has 10 different chapters, which is the 10 essentials or you could say “Martha rules”. Martha notions that passion is the key ingredient to a successful business venture. So, chapter one starts with passion. “Without passion, work is just work, a chore. Without passion, quality... ... middle of paper ... ...g a planned schedule, even though I am very go with the flow. I love making others happy and smile. So if I did have a business knowing I’m making some smile because of what I’m doing would be the biggest reward of all. In conclusion, I really felt as if Martha was reading to me. If she was giving me the advice in person almost. I really appreciated her examples of rules and the way she wrote. I like how she gave many examples from many different areas of business, not just her area of expertise. She really went into detail so you weren’t unsure about things. I think that anyone that wants to start their own business should really read this and take some advice. These are just part of my notes I took from each chapter. I couldn’t fit it all in three pages. Thank you so much for assigning this as reading. I would’ve never thought how much I could learn from Martha.

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