Biography Of Laura Jane Addams

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Laura Jane Addams, or best known as Jane Addams, was a strong willing woman to change the lives of others and to make things right. She was recognized as a pioneer settlement worker (Jane Addams-Biographical). Being a women’s rights activist and anti-war activist, Jane also co-founded the Hull House in Chicago, Illinois with a friend Ellen Starr. Addams was a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in the year of 1931, four years before her death ("Laura Jane Addams" Bio.). Although Jane died at 74 from serious health problems, she was a very memorable woman . Laura Jane Addams achieved many things for people in poverty in the poor neighborhoods of Chicago and started the beginning of settlement houses in Chicago.
Miss Addams came into this world on the sixth of September in 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois. Addams was born to her mother, Sarah Weber, who later passed away when Jane was two years old, and her father John Huey Addams. John Addams was an agricultural businessman and operated tons of mills. He was also the Illinois State Senator. Jane Addams was the eighth of nine children. There were only four children by the time Addams was eight, when three siblings passed away as a baby and another at sixteen (Jane Addams). Jane was diagnosed with tuberculosis at age four and it caused her to have spinal problems her whole life. Though her health was rough, it did not stop her dreams. As Jane was growing up, she was influenced to help the people who had less than her (Segal). Addams moved to Chicago when she was older so she can help the poor communities in need. In order to get to her goals she went to school to put to use what she learned there in life (Segal).
Jane Addams went to Rockford Seminary in 1877. When Addams attended it w...

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...he underprivileged neighborhood the Hull House, which she and Ellen Starr co-founded, was located. Addams came from a wealthy family, you can say. When her father passed each of his daughters received an inheritance. All four got about fifty thousand dollars each (Jane Addams). That inheritance money made it possible for Jane to make her dreams come true and to live off of (Segal).
Laura Jane Addams did not have much of a hard life except the fact she grew up without her real mother, other than that she had more of a privileged life than others. Also, being disabled and having to quit medical school because of her crooked spine, she still made something of her life. Addams helped many types of people, the poor, the children, and for women to have their rights. Nobody could not have recognized her ambition and thoughtfulness for others because it was everywhere.
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