Biography Of King Henry VIII

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King Henry VIII was a remarkable ruler apart from any other. He reigned over England from 1509-1547 (Tudor History). The English Reformation was solely his doing as he separated England from the Roman Catholic Church and changed the country forever (Biography). He has always been well known for his six marriages in which he treated his wives as his possessions. Many know about what Henry VIII did through his lifetime but do not know who he was. It is important to take a closer look at King Henry VIII’s personal life to understand and get to know who he really was as a person, rather than just as a powerful King. On September 20, 1486, King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth the Good were blessed with their firstborn son, Arthur. Giving birth to a son was essential to a royal family in order to maintain their family’s name in the line of reign (Van Duyn Southworth 11). Although this was an advantage, Arthur had been very little and weak since his birth. He was prematurely born a month before his expected due date, so his health was a constant worry in his family (Biography). Nonetheless, Prince Arthur was a living heir of the Tudors, and the two were grateful to have him. In 1489, Queen Elizabeth gave birth to the couple’s second child. Considering young Arthur’s condition, they had high hopes of having a strong, healthy baby boy in order to have another son in the royal line in case anything were to happen to Arthur. If Arthur was to die and all that remained to reign was a daughter, it would be extremely unlikely that said daughter would become a reigning queen (Van Duyn Southworth 17). Therefore, the family’s royal line would come to an end. Alas, a daughter, Margaret, was born. Though somewhat disappointed, Henry VII and Elizabeth l... ... middle of paper ... ... would be counted in line of succession to take the throne after Prince Edward. At the age of 55, King Henry VIII died (Biography). Catherine Parr had “survived” the infamous King of many wives. Henry VIII lived a reasonably long and very full life. He constantly followed his selfish wants and needs and rarely thought of the others he might be affecting in the process. His upbringing as a child greatly proved to be the reason for this as his father was exactly the same way. From the beginning, he was given so many responsibilities (Van Duyn Southworth 22). At a very young age, he was shown that he had power and authority over others which were demonstrated in his six marriages through his life. His childhood and personal life heavily influenced the type of ruler he was. King Henry VIII, without a doubt, made a huge impact on England, and he will never be forgotten.
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