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Karl Marx Often referred to as the father of communism, Karl Marx is one of the most important political philosophers in modern history. Marx developed and proposed ideology unlike anything the world had seen before. Born May 5, 1818, Marx lived a very influential life until his death on March 14, 1883. Marx moved around western Europe and never settled in one place too long. Marx invented communism, which was one of the fastest growing types of governments until the Soviet Union's collapse in the 1990s. Karl Heinrich Marx was born into a Jewish family in Trier, Prussia. His family had a long heritage of being Jewish Rabbis. His father, Heinrich Marx, broke this trend when he became a lawyer and converted to Lutheranism to escape persecution. Heinrich had a huge influence on the beliefs and intelligence of Karl. Heinrich was a follower of the Enlightenment period. Marx was privately educated by his father until the age of 12. Marx then attended Trier High School, where he was an average student. Upon graduation at the age of 17, Marx attended the University of Bron (Sperber). While at Bron, Marx studied law and philosophy. He was also introduced to one of his biggest influences, G.W.F. Hegel. Hegel was a professor at Bron and influenced a left wing radical group of students known as Young Hegelians. Marx joined and become an active member in the group who spoke out against religious and political establishments. Marx then obtained his PhD from the University of Jena. Also during this time, Marx married Jenny Von Westphalen (biography). Initially, Marx had planned to pursue a career as an educator. This was prohibited by the government due to his radical beliefs. (Mehring) Soon after this, Marx became the editor of Rheinische Z... ... middle of paper ...,Vladimir Lenin which would go on to lead communist revolutions and write books to further expand communism. Although Karl Marx is one of the most important political figures in history, he did suffer failures. Karl Marx struggled to make any political gain while he was alive. He was expelled by three countries. Also he often struggled to support himself financially because most would not hire him due to his radical beliefs. Karl Marx changed the world. He was a man that came from humble beginnings and became the father of communism. From his simple roots in Trier, he went on to live in three different countries and make important influence in all of them. His writings are known around the world and he influenced multiple countries to converted to communism. Marx is and will be forever remembered as one of the most important Political Philosophers of all time.

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