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Eugene Victor Debs Eugene Victor Debs was the most well known as a leader of the American Socialist Party. Eugene Debs had no executive positions but he was most popular leader of the socialist movements in American history. He was a revolutionary and he wanted to establish a socialism in America. Eugene V. Debs was born on fifth of the November, 1855. His father Jean Daniel Debs small storekeeper was originally from the Colmar, Alsace and emigrated with his wife Marguerite Marie Debs to Terre Haute, Indiana. Eugene Victor was named for two writers Eugene Sue and Victor Hugo. Eugene Debs was five years old when the Civil war has started. Gene had extraordinary memory and desire to learn, he became bored with the infinite repetition of studies in reading, writing, and ciphering, therefore Eugene has decided to leave the school in 1870 and to take job in railroad enginehouse. At that time, Eugene Victor, thin, tall, about six feet tall, with angular power boy, began cleaning oil from the trucks of freight engines . Everybody in Terre Haute liked Gene for his open-handed and genuine manner. By 1872 he was promoted to locomotive fireman in Terre Haute. In 1874 Eugene became a clerk in a wholesale grocery business, helping to found the next year the first local lodge of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireman. Finally, in the autumn of 1874, Eugene left his job after one of his friends slipped under a locomotive and was ...

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