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Ernest Hemingway was a very famous American author. Hemingway was most well know for his book, "Old Man and The Sea", which is about an old man who goes to sea for over eighty days without catching a marlin and on the eighty fifth day, he hooks one. Ernest Hemingway, who enjoyed both critical and commercial success, traveled much in his life, which led to his adventurous novels and short stories that he was well known for. ( Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois. Oak park is a town just south of Chicago. Ernest spent his whole childhood living in oak park. He liked to read and write at a young age, but didn't really write long stories. When Hemingway graduated high school, he joined the military. He drove an ambulance during World War I. During this time, Hemingway was severely injured. Hemingway was sent to Italy for recovery, and had an affair with a nurse there. He eventually returned to the U.S. due to his wounds. ( Ernest had a stereotypically "manly" public personality. He married Hadley Richardson in 1922. Once married, the couple relocated to Paris. They lived in Paris for a little over two years. While there, Ernest worked as a foreign correspondent. After their time in Paris, they moved to Toronto. The couple had their first child there, after it was born, they decided to move back to Paris. Hemingway became a member of the so. Called "lost generation" while in Paris the second time. He spent much time at Gertrude St... ... middle of paper ... ...ted in fishing. I read the whole book in two days, and sometimes I can't read a whole book in two weeks. It kept me eager to read every chance I got until I was finished. The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company. 25 Apr. 2014 . "Biography of Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)." Biography of Ernest Hemingway. 25 Apr. 2014 . "Ernest Hemingway - Biography." Ernest Hemingway - Biography. 25 Apr. 2014 . "'The Old Man and the Sea' Review." Classic Literature. 25 Apr. 2014 . PBS. PBS. 25 Apr. 2014 .

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