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Elizabeth Woodville
Elizabeth Woodville, one of the thirteen children who were born to Richard Woodville, a knight at the time and Jaquetta of Luxembourg, was born around 1437 in Grafton Regis, Northampton shire. Elizabeth was a daughter of Minor Nobility through her mother Jaquetta, due to being a descendent of the notable achiever, Charlemagne.
Elizabeth Woodville was married twice. Her first marriage ended due to the death of her husband, Sir John Grey of Groby, the inheritor of a division of a country. He was murdered at the Following Battle of St Albans in 1461, struggling for the Lancastrian purpose. Her husband's lands were detained by the crown, and she and her two sons, Thomas and Richard were forced to live with her parents at Grafton. Elizabeth was widowed; however it did not last long, her and Edward IV, the king of England both got married after he found her under the oak tree waiting for him. From their he fell in love with her and was taken away by her beauty and her refusal to give in to his advances; however His marriage to the Elizabeth Woodville took place in secret weeks later after they had met, at her parents’ house in Grafton.
Elizabeth Woodville’s marriage to the king of England created many problems between higher powers and his people, because Elizabeth Woodville was a commoner and from a clan of Lancastrian supporters who were enemies of his people. King Edward was a figure that many people looked up to. However, that didn’t last long after his marriage; many people started to disagree with a lot of his choices and started to tell him that he was put under

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...decided that he would marry Elizabeth’s oldest daughter but before that could happen , Tudor attacked England and conquered and executed the king ,Richard lll. After he executed him, he crowned himself as King Henry VII and married princess Elizabeth who was the descendant of Elizabeth Woodville. This marriage was a result of bonding the family of Lancaster and York and to strengthen his status

Elizabeth Woodville’s life settled down after the throne and power was given back to a more just person than Richard lll. She passed the opportunity to live her life in public but rather she chose to settle down and to live quietly in peace and happiness until her death, which was in 1492 at Bermondsey, London and was buried at St. George's Chapel, Windsor. Lastly Elizabeth Woodville died being the wife of Edward lv and the mother in Law of King Henry vll.

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