Biography Of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

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A very important scientist in the world was Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. She promoted women’s rights and supported women in every way. She was the first women in her country to be on the East London School Board. She was very inspired by a women named Elizabeth Blackwell, who was the first woman in America to graduate from medical school. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was an English Physician. She was the first woman to do many things in the medical field. She was very inspirational to women all around the world. She was very determined and wouldn’t ever give up on her dreams.
Elizabeth was born in Whitechapel, in East London. East London was a very poor area for people to live in. She was born in the year 1836. She was born the second child in her family of twelve children. She had four brothers and five sisters. Her parents were Newson Garrett and Louisa Dunnel Garrett. Her father wanted all of his children to have a good education. Elizabeth had a governess who taught her at home but was later sent to a boarding school with her sister, Louie, in Kent. The school was run by two aunts of the famous poet, Robert Browning. When Elizabeth was just two years old her family moved to Suffolk. The in 1954 her father established what would one day become the Maltings at Snape. It is a very popular attraction today. Once the family had moved they had become less poor than when they lived in Whitechapel. That was when they sent Elizabeth and her sister to the boarding school. Later she met Emily Davies, who would become a co-founder of Girton College, in Cambridge. Elizabeth was inspired by Emily too become the person that she was. She was also inspired by Elizabeth Blackwell, who was the first female American to graduate from medical schoo...

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... achievements the world would not be the way it is today.
Her life was very successful and helpful to women around the world. Elizabeth taught at the London School of Medicine for Women, for 23 years of her life. Before that she had finally got her M.D. from the University of Paris. She married her husband, James George Skelton Anderson, in 1871. They had 3 children but one of their daughters died of Meningitis, when she was young. Her 2 other children were a boy and a girl. Her daughter, named Louisa, was obviously named after Elizabeth’s mother, and the girl’s grandmother. Louisa decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and became a doctor. She also wrote a biography about her mother’s life in 1939. Elizabeth lived until she was 81 years old. Many women look up to her for everything that she did for today’s world. She is such an inspiration, even still today.
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