Biography Of Donald Glover Jr.

Many young people today aspire to be many things when they grow up and can sometimes can be overwhelming. There are many choices, for example, to be a doctor, lawyer, singer, actor, and many more. As a teen, Donald McKinley Glover Jr. was uncertain about his future, but kept his mind open to many careers. It wasn’t until college where he began to narrow his choices and lean towards an entertainment type role. Donald Glover Jr. became famous by becoming a writer, comedian, actor, and rapper while also taking a new alter ego named, “Childish Gambino.”
Donald Glover Jr. was born on September 25, 1983 at an air force base in California. (Donald Glover Biography). His parents, Donald Sr. and Beverly, were both Jehovah’s Witness’s and raised Donald Jr. in a Jehovah’s Witness environment at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Glover Jr. did have blood related brother and sisters, but at the same time, his parents took in foster children under their care, which also meant that he lived with them ( In addition, his dad worked as a postal worker and his mom ran a daycare. (Donald Glover Biogrpahy). This probably created relationship problems with his parents due to lack of communication. To coup with this, he began to explore many activities which eventually led him to create a slight interest for comedy and television. Although, because of his Jehovah’s Witness background, his family probably looked down upon certain aspects of technology, which made it difficult for Glover use electronics. He did find his ways, for example, to listen to T.V. shows by recording them and listening to them while his parents were asleep. While his parents were busy with their jobs and fostering, they sought to make up for the lost quality time by prov...

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...made Donald Glover more famous, but also reflected a side of him that no one has seen. Donald Glover Jr. can be seen as a quadruple threat in the entertainment industry. He was a successful writer for many hit TV shows, he was an actor that sometimes incorporated his own traits, he was a comedian that made people laugh, and he was a musician that made people think about the problems that people face everyday, which included a poetic aspect. Every step that Glover made influenced another that caused them to be well connected. Today, he lives in Los Angels still making music and trying to gain roles that he believes suits him best. Considering he just came out with a successful album this year, Glover will continue to be part of the entertainment industry due to his array of talents. He will always strive and be fearful of critics under the name of Childish Gambino.
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