Biography: Jesse Owens

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Sam Culleton
March 9, 2014
Research paper
Jesse Owens was a very important man. He was amazing at track and went to the Olympics. He was the best in college. Even though his childhood was not really good.
Jesse Owens was born on September 12 1913. He was born in Oakville, Alabama and was born with the name James. Jesse had nine siblings. His family was very poor. They were all sharecroppers which means they were owned by white people but got little money. Even the kids and to help do the job. Every Winter Jesse would get pneumonia and had to work through it. Also every year he would get a big bump. One time it got so big his mom had to get a knife and cut it off. When Jesse was nine hid father found out that the landlord was cheating them out of their money. So once they had enough money, they moved to Ohio. His father found better work there and so did a lot of his family members. Jesse had trouble in school there. On his first day, his teacher asked him what his name was and he said his nickname which was J.C. but with his southern accent it sounded like he said Jesse. That name stuck with him for the rest of his life.
When Jesse was in the fifth grade, the track teacher there saw him running and asked him to join the track team. Though with all the jobs Jesse had he could not do track in the afternoon so his coach made him get there before school so he could practice track. /jesse set Junior high records in the high jump with a 6 foot jump and he set another one in the broad jump with 22 feet 11 inches and 3/4.
In high school, Jesse won all his major track events. He set records in the 100 meter dash with 9.4 seconds which also tied the world record. Also in high school he set two world records. He ran the 220 yard dash i...

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...rld record in the 100 yard dash and won the 220 low hurdles all in under forty five minutes. In the Olympics he competed in the 100 meter dash, long jump, 220 meter dash and the 400 meter dash. In the Olympics he got four gold medals.
Jesse Owens was a very important man. He set world records in high school, the Big Ten Conference Championships, and he won four gold medals in the Olympics. He also set records that stood for twenty five years. He impacted athletes by showing no matter what you have went through as a child sand no matter how bad of a life you had you can still do great things that you will be remembered for. He impacted racism by showing no matter what race you are you can still do amazing things, face racism and compete in the Olympics just like white people. He also showed that if you work hard enough and dream big good things will happen for you.
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