Biographies on Niels Bohr and Geogr Simon Ohm

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Niels Bohr Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 7, 1885 to mother Ellen Adler, and father, Christian Bohr, Niels would later go on to be a Nobel Prize winner in the category of physics. He attended the University of Copenhagen, where he studied physics. In 1911 he received his doctorate and left to England to study under J.J. Thomson, the man who discovered the electron. In 1912 he married Margrethe Norlund. Together they had 6 sons, one of which followed in his father’s footsteps and won his own Nobel Prize in physics in 1975 Bohr’s main focus was working on a way to understand the structure of an atom. He took inspiration from what he learned from Ernest Rutherford, and Max Planck’s ideas, and proposed that the atom consisted of a nucleus, and the electrons around this nucleus existed at set energy levels or orbitals. This deviated from Rutherford’s idea that the electrons existed in a cloud around the nucleus and could be at any place in that cloud. Bohr’s model is set up so that is an atom were to absorb energy, the electrons in it would be pushed into higher orbitals of the electron cloud. If the atom lost energy, the electrons would be attracted closer to the nucleus sitting in lower orbitals. Bohr’s model of the atom was a significant step forward in the understanding of atomic structure. He received the Nobel Prize for his model in 1922. In, 1916 Bohr took up professorship at Copenhagen University. Here he taught theoretical physics, although the physics department was small at the time, Bohr was able to convince the faculty to approve the establishment of an institute for theoretical physics. In the inaugural speech of the institute, Bohr stressed the importance of continuing to test previously held ideas in theoreti... ... middle of paper ... ...ompletely understand them and because I have chosen to do this assignment so late in the semester, I do not have adequate time to familiarize myself with the topic enough to write about it confidently so I’m giving you two essays in hopes that you will accept them. I realize that this is entirely my fault, and the only reason I am turning this in is because I feel like if I don’t turn anything in, then I didn’t even try, and I did try (twice), this is the proof whether you choose to believe it or not. If you don’t plan on giving me a grade for what I’m turning in, or if you even read this without my meeting the 2000 word mark, I do not want to discuss my not turning in the completed assignment because I understand that I will lose the 10% on my grade. Whether you choose to grade it or not is all I would like to know if you do feel like telling me something about it.
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