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Many people view poems and other pieces of writing in different ways, there is no wrong or right way to interpret a work of someone, it merely your point of view; your opinions. In Sylvia Plath’s poem “Daddy”, many could say that it was a about a hard relationship she had with her father, but how do we know? It could be about her father, husband, strong authority figure, or even God. But, as I read “Daddy” I got the strong sense that it was mostly about her father. The poem suggests that she had either an unhealthy relationship with him or she was angry with him for leaving her. In the poem, Plath says “I have always been scared of you” (41); I view this as she may not have had the best relationship with him. Maybe he was abusive or mean. Maybe he was cold-hearted. But the truth is, for some reason, she was upset about her father’s death. She writes earlier in the poem about how she tried to get to him. She wanted to kill herself so she could be with him up in Heaven. In the beginning of her poem she uses the word “black” I feel to express her emotions. Black symbolizes death and darkness and that’s just how she felt. She prayed for him to come back but he didn’t so she got angry with him for that. In many areas of the poem, she uses very dark wording and very strong language. In many cases, we cannot fully understand the meaning of her sentences solely based on the fact that she wrote this poem in the 1960’s. It is a quite difficult poem, but yet a brilliant one at that. The poem was uniquely written with every stanza giving off tons of information and emotion. I think that this poem was so strongly written because she did feel so strongly for her father. She hated the fact that he left her, she missed him. So instead of sitting ...

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...I read about her life, I can see that it was more than that. It was about how she felt and how she wanted to express her feelings. She went through great depression after her father died and this poem shows that. She tried killing herself to get to him. Although Sylvia Plath obviously had some depression problems and she was quite emotionally unstable, I do believe that this was a brilliant poem where she was able to express herself.

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