Biograhpical Statement On American Government

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For over 200 years now, we as Americans, have had our nation, government, institutions, politics, and our inhabitants guided by a document written by a group of people that we refer to as the Framers. This document was written in 1787 and is called the Unites States Constitution. My name is _ and I will be discussing in this essay some simple facts about myself, what government is along with the different types of government, its functions, and the kind of government that America has. I will also discuss the seven characteristics of American political culture/democracy and the prevailing political ideologies. As I stated earlier my name is _ and I am _ years old. I was born _. I am in college for the same reasons many others are in college for, to gain a better education that will ultimately ensure me a better job that pays better as well. A better paying job will help secure a better lifestyle for my family and I. I am living in Cheyenne, WY not by choice but due to unfortunate events while I was in the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, CA. I encountered a kidney stone and after some tests and CAT Scans I found out I had more than just one and that kidney stones are a dischargeable medical condition despite what I tried to do to stay in. So, two weeks from my Marine Corps graduation I found myself on an airplane instead, filled with anger and a sense of failure, on my way home to mom and dad. My current long term goals are to finish college with a four year degree and join the military as an officer. _ will help me achieve this by providing the type of education needed to start me off in the right direction of obtaining my degree. Hopefully this has provided you with some basic information about me and what I hope to achieve in the years to come. Ever wonder what the actual functions of a government are? To answer this question we must first understand what a government actually is. A government is defined as the formal vehicle through which policies are made and affairs of state are conducted. We have governments to keep our societies from erupting into mass chaos by setting a list of laws that we as citizens are inclined to follow and the government to uphold and enforce.

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