Biofuels Essay

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Biofuels were the first liquid fuel, which include oils, animal fats, and ethanol from crops (Kovarik). They use alternative sources of materials to create fuels, which can be a key feature for our future. Our economy uses some of the dirtiest and most harmful materials to create our fuels and everyday uses, which is slowly hurting our environment. The use of biofuels can save our money spendings, and have more of what we need to survive. People say that biofuels are not healthy for our environment, but in reality they are stronger and more efficient. Although many believe that biofuels are an unnecessary fuel source, biofuels are important for our environment; therefore, biofuels must be used as our alternative source of fuel, and
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Biofuels are not only used in foods, but can be used in many other ways such as transportation. According to research, energy that is created by biomass is less expensive than using coal/oil. Biofuels work just as much as fossil fuels but use about ⅓ less than fossil fuels do (Biomass Energy). Biofuels are commonly mistaken as an unhealthy gateway, but it is inexpensive compared to using coal and oil. Biofuels also use a high number of pipes stretching across states and even countries, but with biofuels the need for these pipes won't exist. Many people have not even heard of biofuels, so they just assume it's not necessary or needed to survive. What they don't know is that it will give them a better living environment, and maybe a decrease in the price of gasoline, foods, etc. People need to hear about what biofuels can do to the environment, and hopefully more people will agree that biofuels can be used as a substitute for other harmful fuels. Biofuels can be made simply and will be a faster way for us to create ethanol which is a key factor in the making of gasoline. To create biofuels they use the non-edible parts of plants which is a bigger bulk of the plant so it can create more than what is used now. Equally important, roughly
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