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Biodiversity is a variety of life with it contains different variation among species and functional traits and it has garnered much attention over the past few years because of its impact to our climate. According to NASA vitals sign of the planet, our climate has heated to the warmest it ever been on record. Biodiversity has become important in our current landscape due to the growing concern that, according to world scientists, our climate has been changing (NASA).It is only now that I believe we are beginning to understand why we should place a major focus on biodiversity conservation. It is in my opinion that the negative effects on our biodiversity has made it a challenge to find solutions toward a harmonic balance of our ecosystems.…show more content…
Just like in high biodiverse environments the primary concern is land conversation as they are only some many places left untouched by greed. Human populations growth and urban sprawl is a major factor in biodiversity loss that we now have to face. Habitat destruction is also one of the main leading causes of biodiversity loss as stated from article by Rainforest Conservation Fund entitled “5 Causes of recent declines in biodiversity” states that: Habitat destruction is the single most important cause of the loss of rainforest biodiversity and is directly related to human population growth. As rainforest land is converted to ranches, agricultural land, urban areas and other human usages, habitat is lost for forest organisms. Many species are widely distributed and thus, initially, habitat destruction may only reduce local population numbers. Species which are local, endemic, or which have specialized habitats are much more vulnerable to extinction, since once their particular habitat is degraded or converted for human activity, they will…show more content…
It further states that the species extinctions may be a major contributor to global change. In other words, means that the loss of biodiversity seems to be much greater then we initially understood, and the expansion and destroying of natural habitats will result in major detrimental effects on our environment as we destroy the web of

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