Bio-Based Plastics: The History Of Bio-Based Plastics

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Bio based plastics
Bio based plastics are those plastics which are fully or partially made up from biological resources. History
The first bio-based plastic, polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB), was discovered in 1926 by a well known French researcher, Maurice Lemoigne,. The significance of Lemoigne’s discovery was overlooked for many decades, in large part because, at the time, petroleum was inexpensive and abundant.
The rise of molecular genetics and recombinant DNA technology after that time further spurred research, so at the beginning of the 21st century the structures, and applications for numerous types of bio-based plastics had established.
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However, improvements in metabolic and genetic engineering have produced strains of microbes and plants that may significantly improve yields and production capabilities on the other hand reducing overall costs of product. These factors, when added to increasing oil prices and growing environmental awareness, may expand the market for bio-based plastics in the future. Process Natural bio-based polymers
These types of polymers are prepared by living beings, basically in the way in which they are at the last utilized.some examples are;
• Polysaccharides

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