Binge Drinking Among College Students

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Binge Drinking Among College Students Zach Wamp once stated that, “Because these kids get away from their parents, they binge drink until they are sick. Dozens of them are going to the hospital, and some of them dying…” This statement could not be truer. Binge drinking among teens, especially college students, is a serious problem in today’s world. This is an easily fixed problem, however. If teens and college students’ free time was filled with participating in more extracurricular activities, there would be less time for binge drinking, or drinking in general. There are many reasons why young people binge drink, and a lot of studies have been done on this. Despite the many excuses kids use to binge drink, I believe there are two that are more prevalent than others: College students have more freedom now that they are out from under their parent’s roof and because of peer pressure and wanting to “fit in.” These are both not good reasons, but it seems they are the most used reasons. Living with parents generally comes with having to follow an unnegotiable set of rules. Some parents are more lenient, but all parents have rules they expect their child or children to follow. One strict rule my parents have is that I am not allowed to drink alcohol, let alone binge drink it. This is due to my religion and their personal beliefs, not to mention it is against the law. I know some teens that have grown up with a set of rules like my parents set, rebel. They may do it in high school, but it gets more intense in college where they are no longer living with their parents who watch their every move. Once a person has left for college they receive more freedom, allowing them to go out and binge drink whenever they feel the need. In a recen... ... middle of paper ... ...g to me than cracking open a cold one. It is all good, harmless fun. This solution will not be 100 percent effective because college students will always drink, but I think it will cut down the number of college students binge drinking tremendously. Binge drinking among college students is and always will be a problem. People are too worried about wanting to look “cool” and fit in. Also the dramatic, sudden increase of freedom can go straight to a person’s head and affect their decision making. Binge drinking takes a toll on an individual’s body, mind, performance, and grades. Alcohol is not worth the deterioration of any of those things. A solution as simple as having a few more extracurricular activities could drastically cut down the number of college students who binge drink. One should think about the consequences of something before he or she makes a decision.
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