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Foundations Paper
For this assignment I have chosen to write about the Bill and Melinda Gates foundations. Being able to secure funding is a vastly leading issue for mostly ever human service organization. Whether the organization is non-profit or for-profit does not seem to make a difference when it comes to that issue. Bill and Melinda Gates are a very essential part of the everyday life within this economy. The struggle to receive funding for an organization is very difficult and an organization has to have good management because that is what will help with securing funds. It costs money in order to be able to secure money. Therefore it is within the best interest of the organization in attempting to obtain funding to use labor wisely as well as also making sure that time is well spent during the process. This is why I say an organization needs to have good management because poor management of the time as well as the labor can be very costly to an organization. The economy is also vastly growing weak, but because of Bill and Melinda who makes it more possible for this economy to be able to survive. They believe in using their wonderful fortunate circumstances, to reach out and help others within the United States and also around the world. They have a belief that when each person that lives within the United States, primarily has the opportunity to develop their talents, society will then be able to thrive. They do not have a closed mind to only want to help the people in the United States; they want to help the rest of the world as well. They have a global health program which harnesses advances in science and also technology to save the lives of those that are living in poverty in poor countries. They essential want to focu...

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...hen Mr. Buffett went on to tell the world that he would be pledging a large lump sum of his entire estate into the gates foundation (which was about roughly around 31 billion or so dollars). From seeing the Gates and the Buffett’s give money it inspired others to give money and time. Mr. Buffett set the stipulation that the foundation would have to spend the contribution that he made within a year’s time of receiving it. That was the contract that he made with the foundation and they have no choice but to uphold it (Bills Gates foundation, 2012).

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