Bilingual Is An Amazing Opportunity Because You Can Connect With More Than One Culture

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While I was growing up my parents wanted us to speak Spanish at the house or when we were around them; this taught me to be bilingual. Being bilingual is an amazing opportunity because you can connect with more than one culture. For my family it was allowing us to keep the culture we have from Mexico alive. Culture is dear to our hearts and we want to remember where we come from and never forget. Speaking another language is fun at some points because we go to the grocery store and the cashier would start having conversations with us in Spanish. You never know where you will find someone that will speak the same native language. If I could, I would encourage more people to become bilingual because you are not only learning a language, you are connecting with others based on culture. What would I say my life story is? I would say my life story is just like those that we hear of on television when it comes to immigrant families. We have to work hard for what we have, and in the end we succeed. I think I have had a great life with many painful moments, but nothing that will stop me from continuing to live. How do our stories connect? Well we are getting married next October. We met and fell in love two years ago, this has created our story to be unique. My future husband did not know English when he came into the United States and I have had the privilege to teach him everything I know. It is a slow and work in progress. Teaching him English was a great bonding moment; he learned to trust me and allowed me to teach and correct him. It is always a fun time but it does get frustrating at times because he may forget something we have gone over; the key is patience though. We mainly speak Spanish to one another since it is our native la... ... middle of paper ... ..., we do not want anyone to bring their other culture to the surface. This forces people who move into the United States, such as my friend’s fiancé, to leave his culture at the door. It is something that happens to many Americans, yet there is not much they can do other than accept what is happening around them. (Formica, 2014) Conducting this interview has been eye opening. I never knew these two people went through all of the struggles and travel as they have. My life is nothing like this and reading over all of the information I have gathered, it made me feel spoiled and blessed for not having a struggle such as racism. It is amazing though my friend’s fiancé is able to live out his dream to be in the United States. After writing the paper, I want to listen to more stories and understand where other people have come from and where they are going with their lives.

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