Bilingual Education Is A Method Of Instruction

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Bilingual education is a method to teach non English speaking students. Also it may used to teach English speaking student a foreign language. There are various initiatives in the country towards the abolition of bilingual education as a method of instruction in schools as most of the states such as Arizona, California, Massachusetts, and even Colorado campaign against it (Rossell, 2003). However, critical analysis of the propositions indicate that they are culturally biased, politically unsound, pedagogically inaccurate, and in violation of the federal legislative acts because bilingual education entailing the instruction in one’s native language either as a transition to English language or total bilingual fluency is an ideal educational method. Therefore, there is need to employ effective challenges to the initiatives geared towards the elimination of bilingual education which have to address the various aspects of such an elimination and broadly consider the effects of this initiatives in relation to the learners, teachers and the society at large. The campaigns began in November 2000 in the state of Arizona as a proposal by Ron Unz, the Silicon Valley millionaire who led the approval of the legislation and the subsequent campaigns in the other states. This paper aims at ascertaining the value of bilingual education by assessing the peoples’ right to education, the political history of education, the control of the states over education, and the involvement of the federal government in education through judicial and legislative approaches together with the assessment of the history of bilingual education, the nature of the proposals against it and the likely challenges and alternatives towards its elimination (Ryan, 2002). Th... ... middle of paper ... ...witting materials in non-English languages. The elimination of bilingual education is a pure approach to solve the many problems that affect schoolchildren. Basing on the failure of legal challenges against the proposition, there is need other options to preserve the bilingual education in schools as the violation of civil rights and the lack of clear indications on the level the learner has to attain in order to join the mainstream classroom. Schooling is a major issue of the judiciary and the legislature in matters of education, desegregation of schools and teacher accountability. It is necessary to maintain bilingual education from the political, cultural and the pedagogical perspective .Therefore the proposal have to be passed basing on the effectiveness of two systems and the net impact on the teachers and the students as opposed to the vacuum in legal theory.
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