Bilingual Education Essay

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For decades, education has been one of the most important aspects of life. Because education has always been around, it has unintentionally changed over time. These changes have been the result of various historic and legislative events that have occurred throughout the years. After taking a closer look at the history of bilingual education, I have selected a handful of events that, in my opinion, led to drastic changes and greatly impacted bilingual students. The 1700s and 1800s was a time period where individuals wanted to cultivate their native languages while others began to neglect the various languages that were being practiced. There had been historic events like the compulsory legislative law and the American Revolution that impacted education one of these removed children from their homes to attend the war, leaving them without an education and the other allowed children slaves to receive an education. These…show more content…
Events during this time period that advocated for multiple languages were the Bilingual Education Act, Lau v. Nichols and the Lau Remedies. The Bilingual Education Act of 1968 ensured that the needs of English language learners were addressed. This improved the education of those children who were struggling and needed additional assistance in order to achieve academic progress. After this, the Lau v. Nichols case took off. This case stated that it was a violation of the 14th amendment when schools failed to provide supplemental English classes. With this, the Lau remedies were created. These were policy guidelines for English language learners that helped place students accordingly into programs if needed. With these events, immigrant students were receiving additional help and overcoming language
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