Bigotry In Education : Dress Code Policies In Today's Schools

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Enabled and Enforced Bigotry in Education: Dress Code Policies in Today’s Schools “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” once said minister and activist Martin Luther King Jr. in the Letter from the Birmingham Jail. Where to start with inequality is anywhere and everywhere -- no one in the world is permitted to stand idly by while others are persecuted. And for this essay, it all starts in our education system. In this society, the standardization of public systems has stomped our creativity and given way to unopposed prejudice. Our world, our innovation, starts with our students, and pushing them into conformity is no way to begin the stages of adolescence, of which soul searching is a hallmark. In no conceivable way does a school dress code efficiently allow a sense of self to flourish and develop. Suffocating individuality, a student’s unique background, only serves to hinder students educationally by unnecessarily inserting class, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and size discrimination into academics. First off, dress codes unfairly target women. For instance, the experience told by a female student at John Burroughs High School, “‘School is telling us female bodies are distracting, and it’s wrong,’ Virginia said, countering that the actual distraction is when teachers interrupt class to send a student away to change.” The fact that girls get sent home or taken out of class because the teacher has decided that the other students are uncomfortable is telling girls that they cannot be comfortable and confident in their own self expression because of a fabricated and sexist opinion. Society forces men when they are very young to begin sexualizing girls who never asked for them to, by implying that w... ... middle of paper ... ... conclusion, dress codes embody a useless principle, and only serve to enable a wretched bigotry still present in today’s society. They unintentionally but still entirely promote sexism and racism, and crush the carefully tended spirit and identity of teenagers, forcing the future of our world to conform to old, conservative standards. A dress code is an excellent tool to repress not only progressivism, but also critical thinking - in short, a reversion to tradition. The energy already and to be expended on enforcing dress codes only goes to putting us as a society in the past. We should nurture the confidence and creativity in youth, and create a positive environment of self-expression for all. This society absolutely cannot make a return to traditions based on bigoted values unshared by progressive people who will lead us to an age of prosperity and enlightenment.

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