Biggie Smalls, the Most Influential Rapper of All Time

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“It was all a dream!” are just a few words to describe Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls) becoming the king of East coast rap music when he released his first album “Ready to Die”. The lyrics “It was all a dream!” are from the albums number one hit single called “Juicy” in which Biggie depicted life growing up in the rough streets of Brooklyn, New York. Biggie smalls rose to fame as a rapper in the 90’s causing an increase in rap popularity, division (rivalry) between East and West coast rap music, and the style of gangsta rap on the East coast. Biggie Smalls caused an increase in the popularity of rap music in the 1990’s and beyond. Biggie’s debut album “Ready to Die” was released on september 13th, 1994. Ready to Die reached number 13 on the Billboard 200 Chart and was the best selling rap album of the year. Ready to Die was eventually certified 4x Platinum (4 Million Albums were sold) and Biggie was named the “Rap King of New York” as he went on to win New Artist of the Year, Live Performer of the Year, Lyricist of the Year, and Album of the Year at Source Magazine's 2nd annual hip hop awards ceremony (Marcovitz, 2007, Pg 26). Biggie’s second album “Life After Death” was released on March 25th, 1997, and just 16 days after, Biggie smalls was shot and killed after an award ceremony in Los Angeles, California. Life After Death is currently the 3rd best selling rap music album of all time according to The Source Magazine (Centeno, 2013) . Life After Death later went on to sell 10x platinum or “Diamond” status (Marcovitz, 2007). Only a handful of rappers have a Diamond status album including Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, and Outkast. Not only were Biggies record sales amazing, but he also influenced a generatio... ... middle of paper ... ...e style of Gangsta rap on the East coast. Works Cited 1. Centeno, Anthony. “ 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of All Time” 3 December 2013 2. Kelley, Frannie.”Biggie Smalls: The voice that influenced a generation.”NPR.web. 02 August 2010. 3. Kj4sb.”Rap music, How would the rap industry be different if Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. were still alive?” Dr. Nielson’s Fys 100 blog. 03 December 2012. 4. Lang, Holly.”The Notorious B.I.G. A Biography.”Greenwood Biographies,2007. 5. Marcovitz, Hal.”Hip-Hop Notorious B.I.G.”Mason Crest Publishers Inc, 2007. 6. Ross, Erik.”The 50 Best Selling Rap Albums of All Time” 18 May 2013. 7. Weinstein, Max. “Why the Notorious B.I.G. is the Most Influential Rapper of All Time” 9 March 2014 8. “Biggie and Tupac [Documentary] 2002 *Full length*” 2002.
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