Bigger Number 3

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1. Bigger number 1 was a bully ever since he was a child. He’d terrorize the other boys and snatch their toys away. His satisfaction involved the boys crying and pouting for mercy. Bigger would only feel flattered when the kids made him feel superior to them. He wanted everything to go his way at all times and no one were to contradict him. Bigger number 2 was a seventeen year-old who was tougher and crueler than Bigger number 1. At this age, he was buying his own food and clothes without actually paying for them. He had no money, and yet, he’d still get everything he wanted. He wanted to live like the white folks. Bigger number 3 had his own label from the white folks, a “bad nigger”. He’d often break the rules and walk into the movie theatre to watch whatever he wanted. Breaking all sorts of rules led him to his death by a white cop. Bigger number 4 started to break the laws of the South. He knew his freedom would come to an end someday. He’d read books and imitate the lives of white people. He was sent to an asylum because he became depressed and always repeated the phrase, “the white folks won’t let us do anything”. Many of the Negroes felt proud of Bigger number 5. Bigger was riding one of the streetcars one day and decided to sit up front where the white folks are supposed to sit. When the white men became angry, one of the Black folks yelled out, “that’s that Bigger Thomas nigger and you’d better leave him alone.” 2. Bigger can be described as an alienated character because he feels isolated from society and even his own kind. White folks cannot stand Negroes, especially the Bigger from the introduction of Book 1. Even the Negroes, including his family, are afraid of Bigger. He’s always by himself and commits his crimes al... ... middle of paper ... ...actions in Book 1 because towards the end he faces fear when he’s trapped in Mary’s room. He is afraid of the consequences he’ll face if Mrs. Dalton knows he’s there, so he makes the wrong move and smothers Mary’s face with a pillow. In this case, Bigger’s fear leads to his violent actions. Mary’s death makes Bigger feel more powerful and causes him to become more violent throughout the book. 10. The alarm clock represents a wake-up call to all Americans about how blacks are treated and what must change. He wants to symbolize a warning or a call for facing reality and taking actions for those that’re becoming violent due to fear and hatred. The rat symbolizes Bigger himself out in the real world. Bigger goes out there and commit crimes because the white people scare him. Bigger and his family represent the white people who has so much hatred for this rat (Bigger).
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