Big Five Personality Traits Theory

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In today’s times psychologists often see a person’s personality as their own unique code or pattern that tends to define who they are in terms of emotions and behaviour and this is easier done with help and reference to what is commonly known as the Big Five Personality Traits Theory. In this essay the traits, personality and characteristics of Mr X will clearly be described followed by a brief description of the above mentioned theory. This essay will then finally explain the behaviour and personality of Mr X with regards to the Big Five Personality Traits Theory followed by a brief conclusion. Mr X was born to mother who was a simple seamstress and a father who was an aspiring music artist, trying to make a name for himself in pubs, bars. Within the first couple of years of his life Mr X took a keen interest in the music his father played but mostly in sport and it became clear to him as to what he would like to spend his life doing. At the tender age of 7, Mr X’s father passed on leaving his uncle as the only male influence in his life. This uncle was a drug addict as well as an alcoholic who also lived with X for the majority of X’s formative years living at home. As a youth Mr X found it very difficult to adapt to the school environment and would often display signs of anger, agitation and a lack patience with regards to those around him. This resulted in X being expelled from various schools for using unnecessary violence on fellow pupils and for possessing various drugs. Yet through all the challenges he faced and no matter what school Mr X was attending his sporting abilities shone through and it was clear that the sports field was his true home, thriving on the crowd. He followed a strict training schedule and diet to kee... ... middle of paper ... ... problems. It is for this reason that Mr X has a high component of neuroticism in his personality. In conclusion and with reference to the Big Five Personality Traits Theory, it can clearly be seen that there are various aspects of one’s personality that all lend to understanding of someone. More specifically in dealing with Mr X, the Theory enabled us to understand the traits that make up his personality through the examination of his actions, thoughts and behaviours. After a thorough look at Mr X’s behaviours and with reference to the Big Five Theory, this essay was able to conclude that Mr X has a high component of the majority of the factors. With reference to the scale openness to experience would be ranked as 5, conscientiousness a 6, extraversion a 7 and neuroticism a 6 yet displayed a low component of agreeableness rating a 2 on the scale.
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