Big Data Transforms Businesses Due to Electricity

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Big data has turned out to be the electricity of the our century- the 21st century, simply because this is the new kind of power that transforms everything it comes into contact with be it in business, government, and private life. While electricity took more than 100 years to transform the world, big data is radically changing the way businesses and government operate virtually overnight. Businesses can now use big data for tracking business processes and also outcomes. For the public sector big data can save lives and money in different ways namely: real time analytic of big data can help government cut at least 10% of their federal budget. Big data can also save lives for example medical researchers can form information about healthcare outcomes to show trends and patterns that can help detect outbreaks and also help identify effective treatments. Big data can also help police departments to develop some kind of big data technologies and build models about when and where crimes are likely to occur helping reduce crime rates especially in South Africa and lastly big data can help government to improve the quality of lives of citizens by use improved personalised services to the people of the country. This piece of writing will define what big data is, give a background on big data, discuss the four big data dimensions, and discuss also why big data is important, issues and technologies related to big data and the relationship between big data and cloud computing, and also discuss how it is used or applied in Information science.
Define big data
Big data is data that cannot be processed or analysed or that is hard to process either structured or unstructured volumes of data using pre-existing or traditional tools a...

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...e and which themes can or should be revised and educators can also develop personalised online or digitised testes to specific learners to target their weaknesses and in a away also helping them to understand that which they are struggling with. The patterns of wrong answers is no longer just a bad grade but can be analysed as to why the leaners picked those specific wrong answers.
Big data has taken the world by storm and it is beneficial and has transformed the way businesses in both the private and public sector operate and it has certain although there are challenges big data has also many benefits and significances and in the education field it is used to transform the education system and also help students and also make teachers to do their work in a more effective and also making it easy to see which themes their leaners are struggling with.

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