Big Brothers Big Sisters: Community Analysis

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829 words

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, I gained a plethora of knowledge in regards to non-profits and how they function. The training I received when I initially arrived at BBBS, has given me the foundation necessary to build upon and grow. During my first semester, I found the training and orientation to be very helpful. I was able to get a good understanding in regards to who Big Brothers Big Sisters is as an organization, as well as what they do. I appreciated how I was provided with everyone’s contact information and what section they worked under (donation center, programs, media). It gave me a good idea of who everyone was and where they were located. In addition, I thought that the first task I did, which was to organize the cubicle filled with …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they gained a plethora of knowledge in regards to non-profits and how they function. the training they received at big brothers big sisters has given them the foundation necessary to grow.
  • Describes how the training and orientation helped them understand big brothers big sisters as an organization and what they do.
  • Opines that the people who taught them how to do the tasks explained everything in clear, and concise detail. they appreciated how everyone was kind and patient.
  • Explains that they enjoy seeing how a match progresses at bbbs. they help martha enter new "bigs" and "littles", and track their progress by inputting match support into aim each month.
  • Opines that the most challenging part of volunteering at bbbs is when they have to speak, read, or write in spanish. although spanish was the first language they learned, english is still my dominant language.
  • Explains how learning at school and doing at bbbs often intertwine. they describe how they have learned how to interact with others and develop sympathy in a variety of situations.
  • Opines that the training and orientation they received helped them get a good experience at bbbs.

Although Spanish was the first language I learned, and although I speak spanish at home, English is still, and has always been, my most dominant language. I am not an expert in Spanish; there are a lot of words that I do not yet know how to say, interpret, write, or phrase. Since a vast amount of the clients at BBBS speak solely spanish, I know that it is important for me to improve my Spanish speaking and writing skills so that I can help translate. Although I find it challenging at times, I do not mind working towards improving my spanish speaking skills, since I know that it’ll be helpful in the future. Martha does an excellent job in helping me improve my spanish. I appreciate how she gives me constructive feedback when I write and speak …show more content…

As a nursing major, knowing how to interact with others and understanding how to develop sympathy in a variety of different situations has been very helpful. For example, this semester, I am currently taking a family therapy class. In my class, I have learned a considerable amount pertaining to family interactions, relationships, and problems. Taking into account that BBBS deals with a lot of children dealing with adversity, this class has become very useful in helping me understand what the family is going through and figuring out what is the best way to help out. I am familiarized with the family genograms and the jargon associated with it; this comes in handy when I people are explaining family relationships. The skills that I am developing at BBBS have helped me to communicate and work with others as a team. I find these skills to be important because the career that I am pursuing deals alot with knowing how to work with, and communicate with, various people of diverse

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