Bicycle Cycling Problems

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Currently bicycle is considered one of the most widely used means of transportation in the world. Also, it has benefits as improve the quality of live as well as a means of non-polluting transport. According to Acharya, the annual release poll commissioned by Share the Road Cycling Coalition shows that over 600,000 Ontarians are cycling daily, including 182,000 in Toronto (2013). In spite of the fact that cycling is a pleasurable activity, it can also become annoyance in term of safety. An article publish by Fox said that “The study, commissioned by the city, shows that Toronto had the highest number of accidents involving cyclists in 2010 with 1,145 incidents. That 's about 42 accidents for every 100,000 people” (2011). This essay will present several solutions for cycling issues in Toronto. Social reports indicate that cars were the main reason for cyclists’ injury. According to Fox, the research also show that the cause of accidents and found side-swiping was the most common cause of accidents (164 incidents) involving cyclists (2011). In addition, most of those issues occur around rush hours on Monday to Friday (Fox, 2011). Officially a cyclist has the right away 47% of time and many researches demonstrate…show more content…
Cyclists and drivers share the same space on the streets and every day it is possible to listen to accident reports related to bikes and cars on the streets. However, it not so important unless it involves the death of a cyclist. Spurr, reporter of the star new paper, wrote that on July 4 the police have, in a span of less than 24 hours, 18 reported collisions involving pedestrian and cyclist and a resulted in a death (2016). According to O’Connor, a Share the Road Cycling coalition survey exhibit that 73% loves to bike to work, but they choose not do (2016). It means that people are concerned about safety on the

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