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Annotated Bibliography for a Paper Discussing the Decline in Sanity of the Main Character in The Yellow Wallpaper
Blackie, Michael. "Reading the Rest Cure." The Arizona Quarterly 60.2 (2004): 57-85. ProQuest. Web. 24 Apr. 2016. Blackie analyzes Gilman’s take on the rest cure created by Weir Mitchel in this document and goes into depth to describe the regimen that is to be followed. He expresses his view that the rest cure may not have been as bad as it is portrayed in The Yellow Wallpaper. This document will allow me to provide the accounts of others, both good and bad, when it comes to the treatment known as the rest cure. This will be relevant to my research because the main character in The Yellow Wallpaper undergoes this treatment herself. I will be able to compare the experiences of the woman in the short story with that of women who had actually completed the regimen and get a good idea of any opposing views that may exist. Comparing and contrasting these two perspectives may give better insight on whether or not the cure worked
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She makes note of the standards in personality of the times and how women were supposed to fit to the motherly mold. The author explains that Gilman’s work, The Yellow Wallpaper, was written as an act of rebellion to the way women were being treated at the time. Quawas believes that the reason why women would go mad around this time was due to the fact that they were women and were seen second in a male-dominated world. Even though this was the case, many women would show their defiance by living outside of these guidelines. In a way, this made them seem as though they were sick, subjecting them to confinement until they succumbed to the guidelines of society. This source will be useful to me because I will express many of the same opinions as Quawas and I can use her words to validate my
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