Biblical and Contemporary Problems and Solutions in Sermons

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Biblical and Contemporary Problems and Solutions in Sermons

In this sermon Dr. Evans discusses what anger is and how it can and does affect our lives. He first states the root causes of anger, frustration, disappointment, and resentment. He then goes on to describe how anger if left unresolved affects every aspect of our lives from the physical to the spiritual and how this anger, if left unresolved, leads to serious health problems and spiritual danger. Dr. Evans speaks about several different ways that we handle anger both constructive and destructive. He further expound that by handling our anger constructively we seek to remove the barriers that this anger places between us, those around us, and God. He concludes the sermon by showing us that if we will rely on God’s resources we will be able to reconcile our anger and have our lives made stronger in Him as well as have a clear conscience before God.

Biblical Problem: Saul’s anger towards David has caused conflict.

Biblical Solution: David gives Saul the chance to resolve his anger towards him.

Contemporary Problem: Our Christian walk can be placed in danger by unresolved anger.

Contemporary Solution: We must rely upon God to help us resolve the issues surrounding our anger and restore our relationships.

Preaching Today Tape # 4340 Stuart Briscoe

Ordinary Folks Make Great Disciples Mark 8

In this sermon Briscoe tells us what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ. Being a disciple is not some higher status for Christians nor does having a denominationally correct title make one a true disciple of Jesus. A true disciple is one who has a growing relationship with the teacher. In order to say that we are truly disciples of Christ we have to be willing to hand over our lives entirely to Him and not try to retain any of our self-interests. We have to trust wholly in Christ and be careful not to try and make Christ fit into a mold that we create for Him. We must deny ourselves completely in order to follow after the path that Jesus has laid out for us and we must daily reaffirm this to Him and ourselves.

Biblical Problem: The disciples of the Scribes and Pharisees are more concerned with not breaking the laws than having a personal relationship with God.

Biblical Solution: Become a true disciple of Jesus.

Contemporary Problem: People are more caught up in correct titles than in pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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