Biblical Interpretation Of The Bible

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Context This passage is within Jesus instructing the disciples. Before this section of the passage Jesus is warning them of the persecution that they may face, especially from those in the synagogues. He is encouraging the disciples to remember the things that he has told them. Following the section, the Jesus speaks to them concerning his death, resurrection, and divinity. He explains to them the victory that he has over the world. Throughout the book of John, Jesus is portraying his divinity to the disciples and revealing the truth of the trinity. Translation The translation has chosen is the English Standard Version (ESV). This version tends to keep the original (Greek or Hebrew) form of speech, which includes idioms and some syntax. This can make matters unclear when reading in English. The English standard version compared to translations like New International Version (NIV) is not as straightforward and relatable in the English cultural context. The phrase used in this section of scripture “the hour” in the English Standard version is not as relatable in our context as saying “the time”. Another difference can be found when discussing the nature of the Helper. The ESV uses the word convict, while the NIV uses prove wrong. There are two different connotations with these phrases. One might understand convict to be sense of guilt given or it can mean to declare guilty. To prove wrong on the other hand does not require a sense of guilt, but can simply show one the right path. Structure • Jesus informs of his ascension • The exchange in the world (Jesus for The Helper) • The Job of the Helper o Convict of sin o Convict of righteousness o Convict of judgment • Many mysteries, but the Spirit of truth will reveal • The chain of com... ... middle of paper ... ...l guidance through conviction and other means. This exercise has unveiled some of the mystery of the Holy Spirit and has shown the role of the Spirit within the world and the lives of believers. However, this short study was not extensive enough to understand the gifts, fruits or power of the Holy Spirit. I have a better understanding of why the spirit of God has been given to us and more insight of the nature of the Spirit in our lives, but the fullness thereof is has not been discovered in this study. I would have to inspect other areas of the New Testament where the Spirit is spoken of in great detail. John 16:4-16 is the beginning of the study, but does not fully answer the question. This exercise was very helpful for understanding a specific passage related to the question. However, I would apply this process to other scriptures that’s would further this study.
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