Biblical Autobiography, Part 3

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As time has progressed, this class has unexpectedly grown on me. After truly believing with every fiber of my being that there wasn’t anything more I could get by taking this class, I’m happy (and rather shocked) to say that I’m wrong. The continued exploration of the Bible throughout this semester has been exhilarating, eye-opening, and even at times, confusing. Nonetheless, these are to be expected when delving deep into the word of the Lord.
Since God allowed me to born into an ideal Christian family, I’ve always known about the Bible and what it teaches. Growing up, I went to church on Sunday mornings and followed along during the sermon. I made it my personal goal to be the best little girl sitting in the pews, and more importantly, to be the best example of a Christian out there. I thought this was made possible by adamantly reading the Bible. I was wrong and this was a problem. It was a problem because all I was doing was reading the Bible. Sure, in the grand scheme of things this sounds great, but I never took any of it to heart. The reality was I was reading passively and only getting the bare minimum out it. This has all changed since the beginning of this semester and even since writing my second autobiography. As I stated in that autobiography, my thoughts and feelings on the Bible haven’t changed only my overall outlook. This still holds true. The thing that has merged or shifted is how I look at the Bible as a whole. I no longer read it passively but instead make a conscious effort to read and understand the fine details along with the main points. It’s with this I’ve been able to change my viewpoint on how much more there is to God and his relationship with the world.
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...I move on with my life after this class, it is my hope that I keep up on my studies with the Bible. I anticipate attending church and even attentively following along with the Scriptures and the sermons. I also foresee myself participating in more community service projects as this is way to further be a servant of the Lord. Not to mention, I enjoyed it! More than anything, I want to grow in my relationship with God. As of now, I don’t feel our “bond” is necessarily where it should be, and for this reason, I would like focus on praying more and growing closer to Him. All things considered, it’s going to take time and motivation but I have faith in myself that I can make it happen. It’s no longer a “this is what I should do” type of mindset but rather “this needs to be done to get eternal salvation” type of mindset. And this mindset is what will drive to me to Lord.
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