Biblical Authority, By Walter Brueggemann

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The Bible is read and interpreted by many people all over the world. Regardless, no one knows the absolute truth behind scripture. Walter Brueggemann, professor of Old Testament, wrote “Biblical Authority” to help people understand what he describes as six different parts that make up the foundation to ones understanding of scripture. He defines these six features as being: inherency, interpretation, imagination, ideology, inspiration, and importance. As Brueggemann explains each individual part, it is easy to see that they are all interconnected because no one can practice one facet without involuntarily practicing at least one other part. The first aspect Brueggemann describes is the inherency of The Bible. Readers must trust what it says and truly believe in the word of God. Brueggeman claims The Bible portrays that God created the world in love and will end suffering by making way for a perfect, jaunty world. He is paving the way to this perfect world through his followers. According to Brueggemann, His followers are all forever bound together and equal before Him and no one person’s judgement or interpretation of scripture is better than another’s. Accordingly, as many people suggest that there are main clauses that are the most important to follow, it is assured that all of God’s words are equally important. Subsequently, some people may find that some scriptures are more meaningful to them than others, but it is most likely that the personal connection to them has not yet appeared in the ones the don’t greatly identify with. It all depends on when one interprets different scriptures throughout their lifetime. Therefore, interpretation of The Bible has a momentous role in the way it is understood. Brueggemann made it clear ... ... middle of paper ... ...people can find the answers they have searched for to improve the world. Of all Brueggemanns six facets, interpretation is the most important. This gives each individual the liberty to create a personal bond with God and it allows that connection to continuously grow and get stronger. There is no better way for someone to believe and love God more than seeing for themselves they way He has guided His children through scripture. It is also involuntary to read The Bible without interpreting it in some way. Everyone relates things to their personal lives and emotions and through this they realize the truth within scripture. As stated before, the six aspects Brueggemann describes are all interconneted so one can’t choose to only interpret The Bible, however, interpretation is the facet that one should rely on most to build a christian connect and a bond with God Himself.

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