Bible vs. Quran

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Sunlight beams through arched windows encased in stained glass; reflecting rays of red, blue, green, and yellow throughout the entryway. Below our feet, a wood floor echoes as we walk, and silences with a step onto the red carpet. Dark mahogany pews stand at attention to our left and right. Directly above on the back wall, a stained glass image of a woman standing over an infant in a cradle, sunlight illuminating her delicate features, she gazes down at the child. Her thin angelic lips slightly open, her hands clasped together in a prayer-like stance. A blue veil cascades down her shoulders interlocking with her robe below. To the right of the infant, a table displays a large white book with gold-tipped pages. On the cover, prominent gold letters display the words The Holy Bible. This extravagant Christian place of worship, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, shows the importance of religious establishments as additional resources used in teaching religion. Two of the world’s largest religions use faith-powered books, The Holy Bible and The Holy Quran, to educate members. The scriptures in these books have provided direction, spiritual guidance, and theologies from one generation to another, however, religious icons and historical occurrences within these books, when compared, are often contradictory, but have one major element in common: both believe its book is the “Word of God.” To understand their differences, we must examine the history of these books more closely. Christianity is the largest practiced religion with 2.2 billion members, or 33% of the world population. Today there are hundreds of smaller Christian denominations all over the world; practicing Christians believe the Holy Bible is the word of God. Scholar... ... middle of paper ... ... crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. There are many different interpretations and translations of words in both the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran over the centuries. Although the Quran said to be, the original recitation even Muslims agree the Quran was not all documented by Mohammad and he has assistance from companions. We know the Bible had many authors and the book has been written-and-rewritten, interpreted-and-reinterpreted, translated-and-retranslated, and then communicated to people-by-people who are not without sin. Without personal faith paired with the tenants of scripture of either religion, a follower would find it difficult to live by the words of either book. The books do represent religion as a powerful, life-altering force in the lives of many thousands of humankind throughout the centuries and in many different societies.
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