Beyonc�'s Flawless: Feminist Analysis

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As Beyoncé took the stage in 2014, performing her song Flawless, the word Feminist was emblazed in large text behind her. Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes, was defined in the lyrics. This was the song that defined Beyoncé as one of the most iconic feminists of the 21st century (Seghal, 2015). This paper will be discussing feminism and the importance of feminism throughout the first, second, and third waves and also important events, accomplishments and people.
The first feminists had virtually no rights and were controlled by men. They were the women who fought for the civil rights of all—free and enslaved (Foster, n.d.). Beginning in 1839, there was legislation that widened the
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On the first day of President Trump’s administration, millions of women around the world had gathered in order address the many issues of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and many other classist ideals that Trump was against. The march was called the Women’s March was considered extremely impactful (Desmond-Harris, 2017). Likely the most important issue that succeeded during the third wave of feminism was Roe v. Wade; this issue granted access to safe and legal abortions. Coat-hanger abortions were an issue of the past because the Supreme Court had recognized that under the 14th Amendment and Griswold v. Connecticut, women had the right to privacy (Roe v. Wade,…show more content…
In intersectional feminism, there are multiple layers to it—supporting men and women—regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Past feminisms are considered to be enormously centered around white, middle class, abled-bodied women but now in the 21st century, issues surrounding women of color have become more of the feminist ideals (Vidal, 2014). Now, most feminist ideals are also surrounded around LGBT rights and some are even intermixed. LGBT rights have become intermixed due to city becoming more liberal, and acknowledging that issues affecting members of the LGBT community clearly affect men and women in the community of feminism (Lam, 2014). As well as LGBT issues being involved in today’s feminism, groups such as Black Lives Matter have also being engulfed by today’s intersectional feminism. Black Lives Matter focusing on issues such as the mass incarceration of people in the black community as well as police brutality, and the outrageously high number of black transgender women being slaughtered (Topps,
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